Thursday, April 19, 2012 Review

I can say that I will NEVER be purchasing from this site again. I placed an order almost a month ago for the Monica wig in dark brown, and I chose standard shipping (4-7 days.) They charged my debit card, but never sent my purchase. For the past two weeks I have called and sent emails trying to get a tracking number or some kind of update on my order. Both numbers listed on the website result in a busy signal and no one has responded to my emails.

I posted on the Facebook wall, but it was ignored. I also scrolled through the comments, and found that this has happened to other people.

I posted on the message boards here and I got this as my first answer from a user:
"Welcome to the club - they've been having MANY shipping issues for quite a few months now."

I left a message on Kyle Johnsen's Facebook page, (Admin of and I left a new comment on's Facebook page. I posted about how dissapointed I was in the company, and that I would NEVER purchase from them again. One of my emails was returned right after this. However at 3:30pm yesterday Kyle Johnsen said that he would find out about my order and he never did. I have already emailed him this morning asking for the information.

I have been using this shop for years, but now I will NEVER PURCHASE FROM THEM AGAIN. This is unacceptable behavior, and now how a business should be run.

Update: 4/23 I was given a full refund after two hours on the phone, and they shipped out my wig for a 'rush' delivery. (This took 5 days) When I opened the package I found that they sent me the wrong color wig. I purchased the wig a month prior so that if something like this happened I would be able to return the wig for the correct color, but now the convention is only 3 days away.

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